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Digital Weight Scale


Digital weight scale : 300 grams (0.01 grams scale), 500 grams (0.1 grams).1000 grams(0.1 grams) .
Clip is supplied for fixing rubbers (new or old ), blade, racket to easy fix the items on plate surface of digital weighter .
Always use Tare function to measure first the clip weight and then to have exact weight of your item .
Same with packed rubbers and the squared (uncut rubber ) in order to know how much it will weight a rubber that fit with your style.
Once you have this weight of packed rubber you can choose same rubber when you buy again same type of rubber .

Product Description

Pocket Digital Weight Scale and clip for fixing item on plate for easy and accurate measurement of the weight of your rubbers,blade and racket .
Measurement is important for reproducing the characteristics of your racket when changing rubbers and regluing