Why Evolution No. 3

Dear Table Tennis Player,

In the pursuit of your complete satisfaction we created the 3-rd generation of table tennis glue with simple advantages: cool tuning of the rubber by simple elasticity of the adhesive layers, easy control on the characteristics of speed, spin and control of your racket, easy peel off the glue and complete protection of the sponge, easy to apply but all satisfaction for speed glue.

Please enjoy the new Evolution No. 3 accessories as an “must be”added value for your racket.

Thank you for your confidence in our products!

Everyone knows how Tibor Klampar change everything noticing that certain glue is taunting the rubber and distends the molecules making rubber larger and softer giving a specific click to any shot with more speed and spin and more catapult effect and power.It is demonstrated that speed glue is not increasing more than 3% in speed and spin but this makes the difference between winning and loosing .

Until now everyone (including officials and specialists) considered that the solvents are responsible for this appreciated effect on rubbers by all players.
This is true! But is not entirely true and is not the only way!

Now, with Evolution No.3 glue and method of gluing, we can reveal to you the real mechanism to obtain the same effect(read more in About-What is the difference section)

For same price choose the best !

Thank you and enjoy!