Evolution No. 3 Cleaner 110ml


Evolution No. 3 is a trademark of all evolutionary accessories in table tennis ,just all the best in one place.
For cleaning and rejuvenating Evolution No. 3 cleaner is considered the best .
It is the most economic and with spectacular results on old rubbers.
Clean, green ,bio,no oil ,no alcohol,no VOC ,no stain can be used simply : drop 2-3 droplets on rubber and use your hand to clean until dried .There is any problem for your skin ,on the contrary . After testing anyone is convinced and becomes a new fan .

Product Description

Packed in one Ziplock bag ,weighting 125 grams/pack, 128 bottles in one 56x33x18cm cardboard box 5 plies .Total cardboard box weight 17 kgs,12 boxes on pallet .